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Equine America Scotland Rep


We are delighted to announce that Jordan is now the new Scottish Brand Rep for Equine America.
We can both personally vouch for their supplements and are very excited about introducing you to the brand.
A wide range of Equine America Supplements are now available from our website.


Our Personal Favourites

Callie: "I cannot recommend the canine and feline cortaflex capsules enough. Brew has elbow dysplasia and used to get really sore after a longer walk meaning he was unable to jump up on the sofa the next day. After starting Cortaflex he began to run about more, had a bigger spring in his run and was able to jump up the next day on the sofa again. As he is only 8, its so good to see him living the life he should be comfortably."


Jordy: My daughter's pony Poppy unfortunately broke her pastern a few years ago in a freak field accident. She went to the dick vet in Edinburgh and underwent surgery to have it pinned and has made a good recovery, however still can show very slight lameness on the leg at times. We introduced Equine America's Super Fenn to her diet about 6 months ago and it's worked wonders. She's a much happier, sounder pony on it.

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