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Floors Castle International Update

It's the week of Floors Castle International Horse Show. Here at Eclat HQ we have been super busy with preparations so that we are ready for everyone that visits the stall. Jordan has been busy printing designs with the heat press as mentioned in the last blog and finalising the admin side of things while I have been packing your orders and bagging the new stock that will be at the show (keep an eye on your emails soon!) The lorry has been cleaned out and packed with the stock that’s being taken down and we have planned out the display of the stall. All products have been labelled more clearly and exciting new business cards have been ordered.

Jordan is heading to Floors with her dad and you can find them round the ringside. There will be all the classic core products along with some exciting new products including a burgundy sweat, a cropped hoodie, new gilets and a cropped puffer jacket which is limited edition. All new stock has limited sizes and will be available online soon. Samples, end of line and sale items that are reduced are also coming along so make sure you head over to see what we've got!

Please note due to not having stock up here I will be unable to pack any orders while Jordan is away so any orders placed between 9th of May and 15th of May will take longer to be dispatched and we appreciate your understanding! I will be back in office on Tuesday the 16th to pack orders.

Callie x


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