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Meet the Team - An interview with showjumper, Millie Lawson

We teamed up with Millie over 5 years ago back in 2017 when she was just starting to showjump competitively. It's been amazing watching her progress and we're so proud to have shared the journey with her. 

We caught up with Millie and asked her a few questions about her showjumping career so far... 


How did you get into riding and when did you first realise you had a real love for showjumping?

I was around horses for most of my life and I just ended up sticking with them. I chose showjumping because I saw my brother, Lewis qualifying for the Royal Highland Show and then I knew that I wanted to do that too.

Who inspires you?
Lots of people inspire me, my friends, my parents and top show jumpers, especially Scott Brash.

How many hours on average would you spend in the saddle each week?
I’m not really sure every week is different, too many is probably the correct answer!

You often travel to shows… what’s your favourite bit of kit you couldn’t travel without?
I definitely couldn’t leave without my Eclat saddle pads or waterproof jackets!

What’s the best thing you’ve learned from an instructor?
I’ve learnt lots but probably just to enjoy the moment and try not to overthink things.

Do you get nervous before competing? Is there anything lucky you always wear/use?

I don’t really get nervous at normal/average shows but a little bit at bigger shows such as HOYS and Olympia. When I first qualified for HOYS on Harry I had a bunch of change in my show jacket pockets and I kept all of it in until the end of the year. With Nora I had my lucky saddle pad that I would refuse to change!

What would your advice be for any young riders who want to start showjumping competitively?

Just to have fun and try a few local shows to see how you feel about it all.

What are your main aims for this year?
To qualify for the Pony Showjumper Final at HOYS!

What’s your favourite Eclat product?

My lucky Eclat saddle pads and my Team jacket are my ultimate favourites.

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