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eShock Fronts (Black, Size S)

eShock Fronts (Black, Size S)

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These fantastic boots have so much to offer. Not only do they offer unparalleled protection they also offer superior comfort. The anatomic shape of the boots ensures they wrap perfectly around the tendon to protect from injuries, whilst ensuring comfort. The outer shell is reinforced with TPU, a soft neoprene lining and washable Lycra edges to prevent sores all ensure maximum protection and comfort for your horses legs. The two fastening points and elastic straps ensure easy adjustment and a perfect fit.

The exclusive, patented eFluidgel technology offers a special bubble in the shell which greatly reduces the impact the horses leg could suffer thanks to the air and gel compression and their capacity to absorb shock.

The boots also include the free torsion system which is a special system that ensures the horses leg in not at all blocked whilst jumping, which is an absolute must have for top performing horses.

Available in Black or Brown

Sizes: S - M - L


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