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Tech Venice Dressage Plus Safety Stirrups

Tech Venice Dressage Plus Safety Stirrups

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The Tech Venice Dressage Plus Safety Stirrups are a quality choice for any rider, offering a sleek look and an increased level of safety in the case of a fall. They feature Tech's innovative Safety Design, which is a mechanical system that allows the foot to be freed when pressure is applied on the outer arm of the stirrup. This outer arm then returns to it's original position when the pressure is released. The Venice Safety Design is extremely resistant, ideal for all-weathers and environmental conditions and it is manufactured with the best metals. This design has also subject to several stress tests to ensure it's function.

These Venice Dressage Plus Stirrups are also equipped with a 2.5° footbed with a grip that has been specifically studied for use by dressage riders, in all weathers. They have also been equipped with 4 shock-absorbing inserts allowing the stirrup to follow the natural movement of the foot, so that the rider’s performances improve and the comfort feeling is priceless. This grip can also be replaced if required. All Tech Stirrups are manufactured from recyclable and eco-sustainable metal, with minimal production waste and a plastic-free structure, and are engraved with subtle Tech branding for a smart finish.

We have a 1-2 week lead time on these and hence are not available for next day delivery. 

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